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123 Piece Hampshire Set


123 Piece Royal Doulton - Hampshire Set

These dishes have been well loved and well used. This set has been in the family for decades, at least 60 years. They range in quality from good, with some wearing, to excellent. Some of the dishes have chips or hairline cracks, as indicated. Check on, eBay, Kijiji etc and you will see what these are priced at per piece.

We are asking $500 or higher offers for the entire set.

These have been all packaged up and will be sold as a set. We will not sell by piece.

Pickup in Port Elgin, Ontario. We won't ship, but could possibly arrange a trip to Toronto, Guelph etc.

Large dinner plates2410.5"Good2 have hairline cracks. 2 have large chips on bottom. 4 have small chips on bottom.
Square bread plates98"Good2 have small chips on underside
Round salad plates188"Good 
Round small plates106"Good 
Soup bowls78"Good2 have small chips on underside
Small cereal bowls105.5"Good2 have hairline cracks
Teapot with lid1 Good 
Teacups5 GoodSome tea stains
Large saucers86.25"Good 
Small saucers105.25"Good 
Spoon dishes54"Good 
Sugar bowl2 GoodOne lid is missing
Creamer1 Good 
Serving platter, large, round114.5"Excellent 
Serving platter, oval213" x 10"Excellent 
Serving platter, oval, deep dish210" x 8"Excellent 
Vegetable serving dish with lid2 Very Good 
Gravy boat14.25"Good 
Salt & pepper set3 Good 
Egg cup2 Very Good